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Before I Tell You All About This Legacy Leaving Program, Let's Talk About Who This Is Really For...

This plan is for the mom who wants to have something to pass down to her daughter or son. When grandkids start coming around she wants to enjoy telling stories and reliving moments from when her kids were littles.

Whether You're...

  • Tired of the "memory full" error you keep getting on your phone when you open your camera roll
  • Done having this on your to-do list and you're ready to check it off
  • Just needing to get all your pics in one place so you can find what you're looking for
  • Finished with the endless scrolling
  • Done feeling overwhelmed and just need a system to put in place

You're in the right place and I'm gonna tell you exactly how the Photo Organization Plan will give you the system, process and amazing support on your journey to getting your photos organized for the generations to come.

By the end of this course,
you'll have:

  • All your photos (I mean all) in one place, organized and easy to find
  • A simple system to keep your photos organized so you don't wind up overwhelmed again
  • A method for keeping up with printing everyday snapshots from your phone to add to your photo box
  • Assurance that your digital photos are being backed up in the right place and in the right way to remain organized
  • A structure for your photos so you can easily make a family yearbook

My biggest struggle was having a plan. I didn't know where to start, but with POP I now have clear instructions on the how which made starting easy.  I felt accomplished going through old photos and most of all feel excitement that I have a plan for moving forward.”  

With 2 little ones (2yo & 3mo) I often feel guilty that I don't have a system for photos, I like that I am tackling this while they are still young. I love the idea of having individual boxes for each kid that I collect photos in each year and can hand to them at 18.” 

Mama of 2 and Founder of PrepDish.com

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Busy Mamas Just Like You...

"Jen is a very thoughtful, well spoken teacher. She has so much experience and knowledge to glean from. I was inspired by her and her drive to help others create and be successful too!"

KAREN, Mama of 1

"Jen Brazeal is an amazing teacher with a lot of expertise and knowledge."

SHAWN, Mama of 3

"My phone was a mess of photos. We could never find what we wanted. Then I found the Photo Organization Plan now we can actually enjoy our photos together for the first time! This was exactly what I needed"

ADELITA, Mama of 3

Here's How It All Breaks Down...
What's Included:


Printed Photo Organization

I promise you'll love this phase more than organizing photo pics. You'll finally have the system for getting everyday snapshots off your phone and into beautiful keepsake boxes. Not to mention decluttering all those tubs of photos in the attic and guest room closet!

This phase is the foundation for total photo organization. Here is where it pays to have someone walk you through everything that's already been there and done that!

With this system you'll not only be decluttering and organizing all your past photos but preparing to keep your photos organized and add to the printed memories as you move forward.

Some of the best organization methods are taught here that you can apply, not just to photos, but in other areas of your home too.


  • Label making Cheat sheet - no guesswork, I show you exactly what labels you need and why
  • No more tough decision making when it comes to heirloom photos
  • A total birdseye view of where you are and where you're going
  • Declutter #IRL get that hall closet cleaned out and those boxes of photos sorted
  • Audio lessons so you can listen on the go and work later with a plan


Digital Photo Organization

Getting all your digital photos (not just your phone) organized so you can keep them safe for generations to come. This is the phase where you can catalog and sort so you can easily go back and find photos from long ago
in a few seconds.

Phase two seems to be a crowd favorite. You had no idea there were this many digital photos all over the place until you start this phase. As you begin to gather devices from years past it feels great to get these photos all in one place and organized.

Digital clutter hangs over your head like a looming cloud (and not an icloud)! This phase will be done in time blocks. A unique method I teach to "chip away" at the mountain instead of trying to scale it in one day.

You'll be so glad once you've done this phase, able to look back and locate exact photos. If you choose, you can create past photo albums in a breeze!


  • Create a file folder system for sorting years back and years to come easily
  • How to play catch up when it comes to sorting years past
  • Freeing up digital storage on your phone (and fast)
  • What it looks like to complete these tasks in 'time blocks' so you can manage the project efficiently
  • Choosing the best cloud services, digital hard drive and printing company


A Systeme For Upkeep

I promise you'll love this phase more than organizing photo pics. You'll finally have the system for getting everyday snapshots off your phone and into beautiful keepsake boxes. Allowing your family to enjoy the memories you're capturing on your phone by holding them in their hands. There childhood will not be forgotten or missed.

This phase allows you to develop the framework you need to continue and maintain all the hard work you've put in. There's nothing worse than a backslide.

Don't worry, there'll be no backsliding here. Phase three is the red bow on top that ties it all together.

You'll be getting all the tips and tools you need for your tool box so that you can enjoy your photos for generations and never have to worry about letting your memories pile up again.

Habits, systems, efficient routines and so much more make up Phase 3, you'll wrap this up with a solid game plan for continuing your organized lifestyle.


  • How to make sure you keep up with all the hard work you've put in and don't let your photos pile up ever again
  • The best ways to remember to print photos every month and continue adding to your photo boxes
  • How you can make small adjustments or tweaks in your everyday to see big results

The Resource Vault

I promise you'll love this phase more than organizing photo pics. You'll finally have the system for getting everyday snapshots off your phone and into beautiful keepsake boxes. Not to mention decluttering all those tubs of photos in the attic and guest room closet!

What's Included:

  • The massive Photo Organization checklist (for my type A ladies)
  • Where and (exactly) what to buy so you save time researching and money!
  • Interested in a fancy DSLR camera one day?  Get the guide to picking the right one for you
  • Already have a DSLR and wanna use it more?  3 tips to start using and loving your DSLR!

When You Enroll During This Limited Time Here's What You'll Get...

Photo Organization Plan
(A $397 Value)

  • Unique 3 phase system approach
  • Ultimate Resource vault
  • Access to audio lessons on your phone to listen on the go
  • Video tutorials
  • Product recommendations

You'll be given total access when you sign up to everything. If you want to binge (netflix style) in one sitting, you totally can, or take your time and work through it in chunks. It's yours forever.

You'll even have access to updates and new methods I introduce later on.

Plus, Check Out These Bonuses you'll get!

I know that once you get your photos organized you're gonna be on a roll! You'll be primed to tackle another project and ready to keep learning! That's why I'm including these amazing bonuses that will set you up for more routines that make life easier.

Members Only Facebook Support Group + Live Help

(A $97 Value)

An encouraging and motivating community to engage and connect with.

  • Accountability for an extra layer of motivation
  • Live Q&A sessions so your specific or unique questions get answered
  • Encouragement to finish what you started
  • Interaction with others to give you new insight and ideas
  • A chance to celebrate and encourage with others in your same shoes

Making & Taking Beautiful Photos

(A $197 Value)

It’s no secret that if you take less photos you have less to organize.

  • Editing behind the scenes
  • Watch me make my own photos beautiful (on phone and computer)
  • The best in phone editing app and how to use it
  • 3 step tutorial on taking a great photo
  • How to know you got the shot so you can put your phone down and enjoy the moment
  • On-location photo tutorial and tips
  • How to create your own editing preset to apply to your photos

Create A Photo Album Mini-Course

(A $297 Value)

The ultimate way to share your memories and enjoy them is with a printed photo album!

  • How to make sure the right photos end up in your album
  • Template page layouts to speed up the process
  • Where to order from and how to design (what size and paper quality should you get)
  • A video tutorial of exactly how to select, create and press order

15-Day Money Back Guarantee


Let me get real.  The Photo Organization Plan is the only step-by-step simple system program of it’s kind out there for mamas who are serious about leaving a legacy of memories for their family!


This course and community is unique and designed to actually get the job done!  

So I can confidently say that...


By the end of 15 days if you’ve done all the work, given it your full effort and truly invested in your memories … 

Meaning, you’ve gone through each phase, implemented, and done the work.


If you don’t feel totally satisfied, if you still feel overwhelmed and frustrated I’ll gladly give you a refund.

Because that’s how confident I am that this system works! 


What others have asked before saying, “sign me up” for The Photo Organization Plan!

How long will it take me to get through the Photo Organization Plan?

Ok, overwhelmed, being pulled in a million directions, already super busy.   This is you!  You’re not alone.  You’re going to see results in POP starting from DAY 1.  Actually before that.  Using the resource guide will set you up to make wise and thrifty decisions and get the ball rolling!
Our goal is to get you through it all in under 30 days!

I feel like I want to say yes but this is a crazy time for me right now, what if I get behind?

Girl, life happens!  That’s why I’m giving you life time access.  Everything you sign up for today will be there when you’re ready to dive in!

Do you know how many photos I have, is there really a way I can catch up?

YES!  I have a super simple system I teach for ‘playing catch up’ and it only takes 10 minutes a day!  Short bursts of progress is what we’re learning!

This just seems like a massive project, how do I know where to even start?

I have the exact place for you specifically.  Inside the Photo Organization Plan I walk you through the where and why of undergoing a project of this size!

This task doesn't really seem all that fun, are the videos and guides going to keep me motivated?

Trust me, I would not do ‘boring’ to you.  In short, I bring my vivacious, goofy and energetic teaching styles into this system.  Remember I was a 2nd grade teacher for years (think Ms. Frizzle)  We’re going to have a good time and you won’t even realize how much you’re getting accomplished until you look back!

You Should Give The Photo Organization Plan a 15-Day Risk-Free shot If You're Feeling Any of These...

  • You really want to be able to trust your kids will have their photos for in the future
  • You truly feel anxious at the thought of losing or breaking your phone (cause all your photos are stored there)
  • You want to show your kids you have a sense of care, you're actually not too busy or lazy to get their photos safe
  • You're ready for this to not be weighing on your mind, as a huge to-do, that you can never get to!
  • It's time there was no more stress or worry about the fact that you don’t know if you're saving photos right and organizing them in a way to preserve them for the future. Photos are definitely super important to you!!
  • If you want to have albums ready for when you're kids grow up
  • Organized photos would be a definite emotional health improvement. You love reliving the day-to-day of life, even if it makes you cry.
  • It's time to easily share photos with others and your kids. The kids like looking at photos but get annoyed at the endless scrolling (and so do you)
  • You want to rest assured your photos-memories are safe and you can enjoy them more often
  • You're tired of the anxiety around making sure you've saved all the little memories from your kids youth
  • You’re ready to tackle this, it’s been in the back of your mind for too long!
  • You KNOW you’re the only one that can do this job, you know your family best and you know what tells the story

If you said yes to ANY of these, I can’t wait to meet you inside the Photo Organization Plan! 

Let’s get to it!

I'm personally so excited to do this with you ...

Becoming a mom was one of the most amazing and life changing moments I can think of. But with it came unbelievable pressure.

I felt pressure in so many different areas, I'm sure you can relate! As my kids have grown and I've grown I'm discovering what really matters.

To be able to give my kids the gift of their childhood story has been one of the things I prioritize. Leaving a legacy for them is a way I say, "I love you". Getting to go through this journey with you as you sift through moments in time is something I can NOT wait to do!

This is an area I'm thrilled to help you in, take off some of the pressure and show your family you care and you love them!

Each and every one of us have a story to share, but too many of us have no idea where to begin when it comes to telling their story with photos. Well, that's where I get to come in. I'm looking forward to meeting you inside the Photo Organization Plan!

Cheering for you,


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  • Access to the Photo Organization Plan
  • Resources Vault
  • Members only Facebook Group
  • Making and Taking Training
  • Mini Course: how to create your first family album




  • Access to the Photo Organization Plan
  • Resources Vault
  • Members only Facebook Group
  • Making and Taking Training
  • Mini Course: how to create your first family album
  • (Save $44)